Lamorite, chemical formula:SiC-nC, Surface grown Pure Carbon diamond ; beautiful, rare, durable and stable, It is a gemstone crystal that can be processed into jewelery. In 2001, Dr. Carl Moore applied for a patent and named as Lamorite , Lamore is the Italian "love",lamorite is the love's gemstone. it's the world's only Gemstone combined with two different single element, a molecule contains only one C and one Si, So it is known as the heterosexual exclusive love's gemstone.

Gems Name:Lamorite Chemical Formula:SiC-nC

crystal system:

hexagonal crystal system

Gloss and transparency:

Similar to diamond luster,transparent

optical character:

heterogeneous body ,uniaxial crystal,positive optical character

Refractive index:2.55-2.62 Double refraction index :0.04 hardness:9.9-10



Feature: Nocleavage,High dispersion(0.08)  
Special Feature:
Strong thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity 790W (m.k), Similar to the diamond thermal conductivity,just like diamond, it has a diamond reaction. Lamorite is superior to diamond in stability , Stable in air 1500℃ and vacuum 1800℃,So in the jewelry manufacture and repair process can maintain the integrity.



Romance Origin

 Shirley is a quiet romantic woman,running a stylish coffee shop alone.On a rainy day,a man came into her shop to avoid the rain . They fell in love at first sight and decided to acompany each other for the rest of life . The man's name is Carl Moore who is the head of industrial abrasive Laboratory.At the time, he was working on a new crystal study without any progress,so he felt depressed.After meeting shirley ,with her encouragement and support ,Dr. Carl Moore persevered. After years of hard work, a small amount of gem grade crystals have been produced. This gemstone is very close to diamond in all its aspects, its chemical formula happens to be the first letter of Dr. Carl Moore and shirley name. Furthermore, it's the world's only Gemstone combined with two different single element, a molecule contains only one C and one Si. This series of coincidence made Dr. moore very's just like the fate of the arrangement ,and also represent the love of shirley and Carl Moore . Shirley and Carl met In the boundless huge crowd ,which is just Like the different shapes of C and Si to attract each other and combined. Until now, he still remember the first time's feeling of seeing shirley. The feeling like Alice falling into wonderland where Shirley and everything in the coffee shop are shining like a diamond.Therefore, Dr. Moore in this love gem cultivated a layer of monocrystal diamond, chemical formula:Sic.nC ,meaning all surrounded by love . It's because of love that he and shirley have been hands in hands together for so many years. And finally he applied for a patent, this new crystal named lamorite, Lamore is the Italian "love",representing the love of shirley and Carl Moore. He proposed to Shirley for this lamorite and succeeded in a happy marriage.

Comparison with diamond
Lamorite diamond
Chemical Formula SI-nC C
Refractive Index 2.55-2.62 2.42
Density 3.3g/cm3 3.52
Hardness 80.25-112GPA 80-110 GPA
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